If exceptional Security Services is your need, MaxSent is your solution.

Offering the full spectrum of professional security services – Armed, Unarmed, Patrol, Consulting, Training, and Personal Protection – MaxSent delivers “Exceptional Without Exception” service to every client.  Check out our services, the industries we currently operate within, and our programs on the left.  Or, contact us for a more specific discussion.

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MaxSent offers a full spectrum of services to clients nationwide – Unarmed, Armed, Patrol, Consulting, Training, and Personal Protection Services.

Unarmed Security

Our staff provides great customer service while directing the customer in his/her use of the property.

Armed Security

Our officers are trained in the use of force, including the force continuum.  Where appropriate, armed and well trained officers make the difference between life and death.

Patrol Services

MaxSent can provide patrol services, checking on non-contiguous properties during the evening or night times, when on-site security is not feasible or necessary.

Industry Focus

MaxSent offers services to the following sectors:

Shopping Centers

MaxSent’s experience in the shopping center industry is deep and wide.  All three of the top executives have spent over 20 years in the mall public safety industry.  Here, our devotion to customer service shines through.  MaxSent provides a safe and controlled environment while encouraging repeat use by the customer. Find out how we can do the same for your property – call us now.

Government & Municipal

MaxSent provides services to Federal, State and Local governments including Federal buildings, libraries, downtown business districts and more. We provide both unarmed and armed officers, delivering protection and great customer service to the constituents of your city, county or state.

Airports & Transit Centers

From screening to perimeter protection and more, MaxSent has the expertise to provide the best service available in the Untied States.  Certified by the TSA, the company stands ready to demonstrate our capabilities on your behalf.  If you are responsible for security at your airport or transit center, call us for a no obligation visit to your facility.


Whether you are a 24-hour critical process plant, or a one shift facility, MaxSent understands your need to to provide a safe and efficient environment.  Getting employees in and out, monitoring proper use of the facility, and controlling material movement, all translate to increased profits.


Care for the sick and injured includes providing extraordinary protection while they are under your care.  MaxSent understands the balance between controlling behavior and the need for compassionate responses to guests encountering an emotional event with a family member or friend.  Our training ensures that officers’ actions are respectful of the situation facing your guests, patients and staff.


Educational institutions face numerous public safety challenges – from student residential populations, to athletic events, to academic conferences, and all the other facets of campus safety.  MaxSent has the experience to meet and exceed your expectations for campus public safety.  Contact us to discuss your particular needs.


Time is money, and so are materials.  MaxSent’s construction team realizes you need to move material and equipment in and out efficiently, without loss.  In addition, we know that water, fire and vandalism on a site can not only cost direct financial losses, but affect the schedule, costing your organization much more. 


MaxSent understands the unique position that utility owners find themselves in especially since 9/11.   Our staff is NERC certified, and is trained to provide great customer service to your clients, as well as limit the behavior of bad actors on your properties.  We will team with your proprietary staff to provide the kind of protection that critical infrastructure needs in the current world environment.


MaxSent’s programs represent the best in the industry. 

Drug Testing and Background

Utilizing a premier testing company, Employment Backgrounds Investigations (EBI),  MaxSent drug tests each employee as part of our commitment to supply only the best officers to your site.  Five (5) panel tests are administered and strict chain of custody procedures are followed to assure accuracy.  Programs designed for your individual facility could include additional services like random drug testing after hire, 7 panel tests, or other enhancements to the program as you desire. Our background checks review national databases as well as local information sources, and verifies driver’s licenses and social security numbers, as well as aliases. Talk to us about your needs!

Statistical Reporting

Providing a statistical picture of the activity on your property not only leads to better security, but can reduce liability.  Our program, administered by Webinc., is a proven and professional program that assists us in directing deployment to both deter and detect crime.  Let us show you the power of the program.  Give us a call at the number below.

Employee Recognition

MaxSent’s employee recognition programs include cash bonuses for managers and others meeting productivity goals.  The program also extends to officers who perform exceptionally well.  In addition, personal recognition by the President/CEO Todd Pattison, award certificates, presentations, and social gatherings all promote unity and teamwork, while rewarding exceptional behavior.


While many companies offer initial training and ongoing classes, MaxSent goes a step further.  Our training department can customize training to meet your specific needs.  In addition, training in non-security issues such as blood-borne pathogens, self-defense, CPR,  AED Training, etc., is offered for all your employees, (some for a fee).  Contact us for more details.

Emergency Operations Center

MaxSent has developed an Emergency Operations Center where senior executives with experience in handling crisis events are available to help local MaxSent and client management coordinate response, mitigation and business restoration after man-made or natural crises.   In addition, pre-planning for large scale events and weather concerns can be facilitated through the EOC.  Contact us for more information.


MaxSent’s executive leadership has extensive experience in assisting financially-challenged security companies and/or their financial institutions to make these companies profitable and/or complete successful acquisitions where all creditors are paid in full.  MaxSent is a member of Turnaround Management Association organization and has the references to support our many accomplishments.   Please click this link, https://turnaround.org/,  for further details about MaxSent’s capabilities and references.

Management Team

Todd A. Pattison, – CEO, President and Founder of MaxSent.  Todd initially spent some years with the Iowa State Patrol, working in the patrol division and eventually performing undercover work in narcotics and organized crime.  After leaving law enforcement, Todd began a career in the private security industry.  Todd has extensive experience in the field of security, having worked for a number of well respected contractors in a variety of positions.  Prior to owning his own company, Todd was a Senior Vice President for a $200 million/year security contractor with accounts nationwide.

Matthew Sipos, Chief Financial Officer – Matt brings over 25 years of executive experience to MaxSent.  He has held the position of Chief Financial Officer for multiple companies in various disciplines including Security, Manufacturing, Retail, Staffing and IT.  His diverse background and business relationships with various large financial institutions allows for the installation of a solid accounting system.  This system is designed to ensure the finance department’s ability to support the company’s projected growth.

Russell Scholl, Vice President – Russ Scholl, Vice President of MaxSent, has been in the private security industry for over 17 years.  Russ began his career in South Dakota in 1995 and has been managing multiple accounts operationally since that time.  Russ has managed Federal Government statewide security contracts for DHS and is a Department of Homeland Security Certified Security Officer Trainer.   Russ has been the Manager of The Year for one of the nation’s largest private security providers, and continues to provide excellent leadership to MaxSent’s operations group.  In addition to the government experience, Russ has managed multiple operations for diverse commercial clients, located in multiple states.

Our Mission

At MaxSent, we endeavor to become the leading provider of professional security solutions, to become “Exceptional Without Exception” – providing service at a level that others strive to emulate. This is accomplished by maintaining mutual respect and honesty with customers and staff, with a focus on relationship development and collaboration at every level within the organization. We ensure an innovative, transparent and personal approach to our customers’ requirements. MaxSent challenges internal business processes to achieve and exceed our customers’ key performance indicators in all business sectors. We shall continue to exceed our objectives by delivering workable solutions to the continual delight of our customers.

Our Values

MaxSent believes that our clients deserve not just the service they pay for, but service that exceeds their expectations.  Our employees deliver that service.  At MaxSent we believe that our employees deserve the same care we give our clients.

We treat our employees with trust, dignity, and respect, and, in turn, they care about their company, their colleagues, and the customers they serve. Employees demonstrate that care by serving customers skillfully, solving problems effectively, performing successfully, and working cooperatively.

Giving Back

MaxSent believes in supporting the communities in which we have the privilege of conducting our business.  Toward that end, the company participates in fundraisers, donates manpower, and contributes financially to philanthropies within the community.  Some of the organizations we support are listed here.


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